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Crisis Center

Crisis Center Programs:

Telephone Crisis Counseling
Specially trained counselors are available by phone to provide support to callers facing any situation.  Counselors listen to your concerns, explore available options, and offer information about community services and resources.

The Macomb County Crisis Center is dedicated to helping people help themselves with any problem, anytime.

Callers who are not comfortable speaking English may ask for their own language. Callers will then be placed on hold and connected with an interpreter.

You do not need to be in crisis to call the Crisis Center. If you need current information about available services in Macomb County, call anytime.

All services provided by the Macomb County Crisis Center are free of charge.

Your call to the crisis center is confidential and private, and you do not have to give your name. You can call the Crisis Center 24/7/365 at:

800-273-TALK                            800-442-HOPE                        586-307-9100  V / TTY


Macomb Emergency Response Group (MERG)
The Macomb Emergency Response Group (MERG) is a specially-trained team of volunteers from police, fire, emergency medical services, mental health, clergy and other professions which provides Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services for anyone exposed to a traumatic event or a mass disaster. MERG helps to stabilize the work, school or community setting by responding immediately to the stress of unexpected community crises.

Volunteers are vital to the MERG program.  These professionals give of their time so that those affected by a traumatic event can participate in this educational process, which may allow them to sleep and eat better and generally resume the routine aspects of their lives more quickly than those who do not.

Upon request, the types of incidents to which MERG responds include, but are not limited to, the following:

Fires                                                   Airplane Crashes                                                  Homicides
Industrial Accidents                            Suicides                                                                Workplace Violence
Robberies                                          Line of Duty Deaths                                              Tornadoes
Accidental Deaths

MERG services are publicly funded and provided at no charge.

Survivors of Suicide
Survivors of Suicide is a grief support program uniquely designed to assist families, friends and individuals affected by the aftermath of suicide.

The Survivors of Suicide program provides professionally facilitated meetings in supportive and confidential settings. This allows survivors to share and validate feeling and experiences.

The traumatic event of a suicide makes the grieving process more complicated and difficult to experience alone.  Love ones are never forgotten, but with support, survivors can learn how to work through the pain. In the dark world of grief, the group’s support can be the eyes that begin to help us see and do more than just survive.

The program offers a support group that meets twice monthly, six week educational workshops, memorial events, craft nights and a bi-monthly newsletter.

The mission of the Survivors of Suicide program is to guide the survivor through the stages of grief within a group setting that provides comfort, dignity, and confidentiality.  A supportive, educational format is employed, enabling participants to validate their feelings. This format has proven to empower survivors to work through the stated of grief and promote the healing process.

For more information contact the Macomb County Crisis Center at 586-307-9100.

Local Outreach to Survivors of Suicide (LOSS)
The Macomb County LOSS team uses an active model of postvention which provides on-site support to bereaved family members in the wake of a completed suicide.

The Macomb County LOSS team is a specially trained group of survivors and professionals from mental health and other disciplines who provide crisis intervention, education, community resources and emotional support.

The LOSS team is activated by law enforcement or other emergency services which are then free to conduct their duties with fewer distractions from distraught loved ones. With this early intervention, survivors can begin to integrate the trauma of their loved one just having died by suicide. Survivors are themselves at an increased risk for suicide, so the sooner they have support and access to resources, the better able they will be to heal from this devastating loss.

For more information about LOSS contact cheryl.alexander@mccmh.net or call 586-307-9100


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800-273-TALK (8255)


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